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    Tech Collective offers a variety of career development options for those who are new to tech, or who are tech professionals wanting a mid-career change. Tech Collective is a key partner in the development of Rhode Island’s tech workforce pipeline.

    The Career Center will feature assessed technology training programs across the entire workforce pipeline, ranging from k-12 to entry and incumbent levels.

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    Youth ages k-12 who are interested in their future in tech and what opportunities may be available to them.

    Workforce Entrant

    Individuals who are eager and excited to receive the proper training to become an asset to the tech industry.


    Professionals who would like to make a change in career path by enhancing their skill set to fit the needs of tech employers.

    Development Options

    Tech Collective will be offering professional development trainings in response to employer demands for assessed 3rd party academic and private training programs. The professional development topics, addressed and assessed, will be reported directly from the efforts of the Education Council.


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    Service Development

    Curriculum and Innovation Council

    Tech Collective’s Education Council aims to develop a new framework for assessing the effectiveness of Rhode Island’s professional development programs for the k-12, entry, and incumbent phases of workforce development.

    Additionally, the council will develop and maintain a list of qualified training providers based on the framework and employer/employee analysis of outcomes and established performance metrics. To this end, the team will work with the Analytics Council to measure program effectiveness by using a number of subjective and empirical longitudinal metrics to provide information for employer and participant decision making.

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    Data & Analytics

    Employers emphasize the need for centralized talent pipeline analytics to make informed business decisions. Under Tech Collective’s leadership, the Analytics Council assesses relevant labor market data sets. This team aggregates and interprets these data, confirms its value with members and uses their feedback to forecast future trends. In addition, primary research (e.g. survey tools) is used to supplement secondary research.

    Our goal is to use industry input to prioritize these data sets and determine which data are most relevant for RI employers. This information will be used to compare talent supply data to employers existing and future talent demand gaps. These gaps will facilitate the assessment of and curriculum development for private training providers, EDU’s and K-20’s.